Business Insurance

Our tailored insurance advice covers the following areas of your business:

Business Assets: We ensure you have the right cover for loss or damage to your commercial buildings, contents, plant, stock and other assets.

Business Interruption: We suggest how you can be covered against different factors that interrupt your business, so you’re not out of pocket while your doors are closed.

Business Vehicles: We give you access to the correct insurance to keep your drivers on the road, to minimise unnecessary disruption to your business.

Business Liability: Legislation is constantly changing, and we're on top of these changes, so we know what cover your business needs, so you're always protected.

Crime Exposures: We can provide you with advice on cover from employee fraud and theft.

Cyber Crime: We ensure you're covered for any liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data and consequences of losing information.

Key Person: We help reduce the impact of the loss of a key person within your business preventing loss of revenue or potential increase in costs.