Make a Claim

Our hands on approach ensures minimal disruption to you or your business at the time of a claim, and expedites claims settlement.

Making a Claim

One of our points of difference, from a Direct Insurer, is that we work with you during the claim process to ensure the best possible outcome for your claim.


Your general responsibilities

  • A basic principle that should never be overlooked is your duty to minimise any loss once it has occurred and, in effect, to act as if you were uninsured.
  • Notify us as soon as possible after any loss or accident.
  • Complete and submit the appropriate claim form. No claim can be settled, nor any repairer/third party reimbursed, until such time as your Insurer receives a completed claim form.
  • Receipts, valuations or other documentation to support your claim/ownership/values should be forwarded with your claim form.
  • In the case of theft, loss or malicious damage, you must promptly notify the police and provide details of the police complaint acknowledgement with your claim form.
  • Should the incident involve a third party, do not admit liability.
  • Act with due diligence and try to assist your Insurers in every possible way.


Specific Claims


Motor Vehicle


At the scene of an accident, record the date, time and location.  Also record any third party’s:

  • Make of vehicle
  • Registration number
  • Driver’s name, address & phone number
  • Owner’s name and address
  • Insurance Company and policy details

Make a note of damage to other vehicles or property and obtain the names and address’ of any witnesses.  Do not accept or acknowledge any responsibility for damage to third party vehicles or property.


Complete and submit a claim form.


Make arrangements to have your vehicle viewed by your choice of repairer, giving them our contact details or the name of your Insurer.



Public Liability

  • It is important that the rights of the Insurer are not prejudiced. Therefore, all demands claiming damage to third party property under circumstances which are, or may involve negligence or error or omission or wrongful act, must immediately be reported to us and we will report the matter to your Insurer.
  • Do no admit liability or make any payments which may be construed as an admission of liability.


Material Damage

  • Immediately investigate the extent and cause of the loss or damage.
  • Complete and submit a claim form or call us for further instructions.



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