Get to know our team: Rachel in Whakatane

Stepping up to manage a large, longstanding book of insurance broking clients is no walk in the park. Clients are typically fiercely loyal to their broker, and when change occurs, it’s common to see some clients leave. However, when Graeme Bryant retired earlier this year, what we’ve seen is the broker in the Dawsons Whakatane branch meeting the challenge and going above and beyond to keep delivering great service to clients.

In the second part of our article series ‘Get to know our team,’ we spoke with Rachel Bishop to find out more about this wonderful wahine, why she chose the insurance industry, and what she enjoys most about it.

Where it began

Rachel has worked in insurance for many years. Her background was initially in fishing trawlers, followed by a few years looking after her family. Then an opportunity arose to work with Graeme and the Dawsons team. Thirteen years later, she’s still there, having worked her way up from receptionist to broker.

When asked, ‘Who or what inspired you to become an insurance broker?’ Rachel stated that her passion for people, helping them, building relationships with them, and advocating for them are key drivers for her. She is grateful for the opportunity and faith placed in her to become a broker, with her inspiration coming from “the faith Graeme had in me, and his encouragement and support.”

Working in Insurance

Reflecting on the challenges faced in her broker role, Rachel noted that “rising costs and having difficult conversations with clients who are facing hardships while trying to keep their insurance premiums within budget” are some of her challenges.

When asked about the most fulfilling aspects of her work in the insurance industry, Rachel said that helping clients tops the list. Expanding further, she mentioned that managing claims and achieving great outcomes for clients are significant parts of what she loves about being a broker.

Rachel says, “I make it my personal goal to put a smile on a client’s face. I like to be real; I let my clients know that I see them as humans and not numbers on a spreadsheet. I get personal, sharing stories of myself when I can, and I enjoy the relationships I have with my clients.”

Advice for Clients

Finally, when asked, ‘What advice would you give to clients considering the changed environment and financial pressures when thinking about their insurance?’ Rachel had this to say: “Ask questions. If you have any issues or concerns, come and talk to us. We can run through options for excess, values, and even financing premiums. Ask sooner rather than later; we always want to help and will do what we can for our clients.”

If you’d like to speak with Rachel about your insurance needs, you can reach her at the Whakatane branch on (07) 306 0033 or via email.

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