Introducing Ray Dunbar: A New Face at Dawson Insurance with a Fresh Approach

We are delighted to welcome Ray Dunbar to our team at Dawson Insurance. Ray’s unique journey and proactive approach to insurance broking make him a valuable addition, where he’s already making significant strides in enhancing our client relationships and services. While he works with the Rotorua office team, Ray lives in Taupo and is dedicated to serving his local community and surrounding areas as well.


From Reluctance to Passion: Ray’s Entry into Insurance


Ray’s entry into the insurance industry was not planned but has turned out to be a fulfilling career path. Reflecting on his initial hesitation, Ray shares, “When the opportunity first presented itself, my immediate thought was, ‘I am not a salesman; I don’t want to cold call clients.’ It didn’t take long for me to realize that insurance broking is less about sales and more about forging lasting relationships through trust and reliable service.”

Over his seven years in the industry, Ray has honed his skills in risk assessment, policy management, and claims handling across both commercial and domestic portfolios. His journey has endowed him with a robust understanding of the industry’s intricacies, which he leverages to help clients navigate their insurance needs effectively.


Navigating Challenges with Transparency and Expertise


Ray’s role involves daily challenges, from dealing with premium increases to managing clients’ claim outcomes. He believes in tackling these issues head-on with open communication. “It’s about being transparent with clients and explaining the situations in plain English,” Ray explains. “This helps in setting realistic expectations and helps clients understand the reasons behind certain decisions, enhancing their trust and confidence in our services.”


A Goal-Oriented Role at Dawson


At Dawsons, Ray is focused on client acquisition and relationship management, embodying our ethos of ‘no job too big or too small’. His goals are ambitious yet straightforward: to grow our client base through genuine interactions and to share his knowledge to enhance our team’s capabilities. “I’m here to help not just by adding numbers but by making a difference in how we operate and serve,” says Ray.


The Joy of Making a Difference


What Ray finds most rewarding about his work is the opportunity to build long-term relationships with clients and providing them with peace of mind as they navigate life’s uncertainties. “Knowing that I can help someone feel secure about their future is deeply fulfilling,” he comments.


Proactive Advice in a Changing World


Ray emphasises the importance of being proactive about insurance coverage, especially in today’s volatile environment. “With the ongoing changes around us, like the pandemic and severe weather events, it’s crucial to understand your coverage fully and adjust it as needed. Spending a little time now reviewing your insurance could make all the difference when it comes to weathering a storm.”


Welcoming Ray to the Team


We are excited to see Ray apply his deep industry knowledge and client-focused approach at Dawson Insurance. His dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is what makes him stand out as a broker.

If you have any questions or need to discuss your insurance needs, Ray is ready and eager to help. Contact Ray today to see how he can assist you in securing your assets and planning for the future.

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