Welcoming Jane Cook: A True Gem in Our Whakatane Office

At Dawson Insurance, we pride ourselves on bringing onboard individuals who are not just experts in their field but also embody the ethos of dedication, client service, and community spirit that stand at the heart of our operations. It’s with great excitement that we introduce Jane Cook to our Whakatane branch, a broker whose journey in insurance is as rich and diverse as the landscape of our beautiful Aotearoa.


Raised on a dairy farm in the Waikato, Jane brings to Dawson Insurance not just her expertise, but a formidable work ethic instilled in her from an early age. With roots that stretch back to England through her immigrant parents, Jane’s upbringing in a close-knit family has ingrained in her the importance of community and personal connection – values that resonate deeply with our team’s approach to client relations.


Reflecting on her early life and career choice, Jane shares, “Growing up in a tight-knit family without other relatives in New Zealand, I quickly learned the value of community and hard work. This foundation pushed me into the world of insurance right after deciding university wasn’t my path. Looking back, I thought I was sidestepping the world of exams by choosing insurance, only to discover that the industry has its own set of challenges and rigorous certification processes. Embracing these tests, however, has been a rewarding journey, continually shaping my professional growth and deepening my understanding of the sector.”


Jane’s foray into the insurance world began in the 1980s, when, realising that a Science degree from Waikato University wasn’t her calling, she took a bold step into the unknown. Her determination saw her securing a role in the insurance sector merely two weeks after reaching out to companies in Hamilton. This marked the start of a career that would see her navigate the ebb and flow of the industry with resilience and grace.


From junior underwriter to establishing her own brokerage, Jane’s path through the insurance landscape has been marked by determination and adaptability. Her experiences in Auckland and London, and later managing her brokerage from Pukekohe while raising a family, highlight her exceptional capability to balance professional rigour with personal growth. Yet, it was her move to Ohope Beach in 2016 that brought a profound sense of community and connection, aligning her personal and professional life by the coast.


In 2016, Jane’s transition to Ohope Beach represented not just a change in scenery, but a deeper commitment to family and lifestyle. This period brought reflection and reevaluation, culminating in her decision to join Dawson Insurance. Jane’s narrative is not just about professional achievement but is interwoven with personal milestones and challenges that speak to her resilience and zest for life.


On joining Dawson Insurance, Jane expresses, “Starting at Dawsons in February was like coming home after a long journey. Being back in an office environment, surrounded by a team as passionate as I am about insurance and client service, has been invigorating. I love the face-to-face interactions with our local clients and the chance to share my knowledge with my colleagues. It’s a new chapter I’m thoroughly enjoying.”


Jane’s approach to insurance broking is shaped by her genuine love for client interaction and her eagerness to share her wealth of knowledge with colleagues. Her commitment to being a part of the client’s journey, from the outset of new ventures to navigating the complexities of risk management, aligns with our mission to provide unparalleled service.


Beyond her professional prowess, Jane is a spirited individual with a love for the outdoors. From running half-marathons to paddleboarding in the surf, her zest for life is infectious. Her personal story, marked by love, loss, and the pursuit of joy, adds depth to her role as a broker, offering a unique perspective that enriches her interactions with clients and colleagues alike.


In welcoming Jane to our Whakatane office, we are not just adding a new member to our team but embracing a person who embodies the spirit of Dawson Insurance. Her journey, marked by dedication, resilience, and a passion for life, inspires us all. For those in the Whakatane area, Jane is more than eager to discuss your insurance needs, share insights, or simply have a chat. We are confident that her expertise and approach to client service will greatly enhance the value we offer to our clients and our team.

To reach out to Jane or learn more about how she can assist you, please contact our Whakatane office or Jane at her email address.


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